Pregnancy, labor, and childbirth are life-changing for every woman, and every mother has her own unique story. For some women this milestone went the complete opposite of what she expected, and for some women this rite of passage can be heartbreaking or traumatizing. These difficult stories need to be shared just as much as the picture perfect, Instagram worthy ones. By unashamedly sharing stories of postpartum depression and anxiety, health complications, and loss we can promote healing as well as solidarity among other women who have experienced the same.

If this describes your pregnancy, labor, or birth story I invite you to share it. By recalling your story and breathing life into it you may experience the closure you’ve been looking for or even help another woman on her journey toward healing. Consider contributing to this collection of stories I will be gathering from women just like you. It is my hope to publish these stories so they can bring a sense of comfort and sisterhood to women around the world.


To contribute:

-Write out your story with as much or as little detail as you would like

-Please honor the privacy of others--keep names of caregivers and the location of your birth private, and do not include last names

-At the conclusion of your story include only your first name, your state of residency, and due date/date of child's birth

-Email all stories to

Photography: Mindful Mama Birth

Photography: Mindful Mama Birth